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Foreign Investment KITAS - ONSHORE

Find out more about a Foreign Investment KITAS for 2 Years ( With your own PMA or our company)


How to apply and what are the benefits of a Foreign Investment Kitas

Foreign Investment Kitas is a Kitas intended for investors to stay and manage their business in Indonesia.

This kitas has two types of indices in Immigration, with indices 313 and 314, both of which are the same but only different validity periods of stay only. For index 313 valid for one year and 314 valid for two years.

We will explain about how to apply for a foreign investment kitas for 2 years below.

Document Required

Passports valid for at least 30 months and minimum 2 blank pages

Scanning of the main page of the passport details

Scanning of the page of the passport cover

Scanning of the Current Valid Visa (minimum 60 days valid visa)

Address in original country

Address in Indonesia (hotel or villa)

Domicile Letter from Banjar or Sub-District

Company PMA document

Minimum IDR Capital in Approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights document